i3-garden system

FAQ’s to i3-garden

Does the soil bag / the soil substrate have to be changed every year / renewed?
- No, the extracted substances will be brought in with regular fertilization (a farmer does not apply a new layer of soil every year!).

Can the i3-garden system be used on every balcony - weight?
– Yes, the fully planted and irrigated garden has max. 50 kg on 4 points (wheels), i.e., point load of 10 kg.

Grow all the plants in the garden i3-system?
- In theory, yes, depends on the specific needs of the plants. But it makes no sense to grow potatoes in the system.

Which materials (plastics) are used for the i3-garden system?
- All materials used must have the minimum criteria "RoHS and WEEE instructions"
of the EU
for the restriction of hazardous ingredients.
– All materials used must comply with our minimum criteria "food safe"in accordance with"European directive 1935/200 4 / EC.", i.e. also being free of BPA (Bisphenol A) and HBCD !
– additional criteria: light weight, sustainability = max. durability over many years, focus on regional availability/production, existing QA systems for growers/producers…..).

Why is so much plastic used for the i3-garden system instead of traditional materials such as wood?
- We have made very strict and uncompromising demands on our system. With wood or aluminum, many features would not have been possible.
– The first series of prototypes were made out of wood (natural/Bio laquers/ from spruce to larch ..) after 3 years we had to dispose of them - low durability.
-Our demands on functionality, form & design and long use have us after langer brought employment and intensive testing to the choice of this material.

Can one buy individual modules (irrigation system, i3-Docks, glasshouse, etc.) later?
- Yes, all future expansion modules should be compatible with the systems of the last 2 years - as far as possible!

What does one do with the i³-garden system in the cold season?
- Here you have several options:
1. Remove the irrigation system (if present) and leave the garden where it is or store it somewhere – no further maintenance is required until new planting in spring.
2. Supplement the garden with a Thermo Cover or the Glasshouse module and thus extend the gardening season into late autumn and start early in the spring.
3. Supplement the garden with a Glasshouse module incl. heating system and enjoys your garden throughout the year.

Can one also use their own soil/substrate compositions?
– Of course, the systems are delivered with empty bags for self-filling. Special tips and tricks or recommendations are always welcome on the community platform so that others can also learn from your experiences.

Can one get plants out of seeds with the i3-garden system?
– Yes, the upper detachable part of the i3-Docks (i-Dock frame) is ideally suited for this purpose, the most popular coconut tablets fit exactly into the recess.
– the plants do not have to be reprocessed anymore, but are placed on the i3-Docks and just grow until harvested.
- the i3-Docks can be filled with a special growing soil, this way cou can make a "substrate layering" of different types of soils.

Can the i3-garden system also be used outdoors or in the garden?
- Yes, no problem. The materials used and the construction are designed for all applications.

Is there an automatic irrigation system available for i3-garden?
– Yes, the modular RWS (responsive watering system) operates without energy according to the tension principle. It is based on the energy-free Blumat system and ensures sensor-control for an optimal standard base irrigation. The system is expandable to the individual professional irrigation of particular plants and allows the garden operator temporal independence.

Do the plants in the i3 docks not dry out in the high summer or do they have to be watered several times a day?
-No, the roots grow into the Earth bag, spread there and get the water as they need it. Since there are almost no evaporative surfaces and is the moisture in the closed system, reduces water consumption by up to 70% (compared with casting) in a flat bed. Therefore, there are also cover for openings that are not even planted to prevent evaporation. With the Automatic watering (optional) consider only, that the water container is filled. If there is a water supply nearby, the irrigation system can be connected directly and is therefore "worry-free". Also, is the one used by us "food grade" material with 25 mm not only super stable, but has an enormous insulating value - important, so that the temperature in the Earth bag not too high (this prevents evaporation) rises or falls too low!

Where should the water tank (canister or bottle) be positioned?
-Because we do not know the relevant circumstances of the customer, we are here as flexible as possible.
Important: 20cm elevation over the garden is needed fo the water pressure + 10cm per meter supply hose, when the water tank is located further away.
Alternative: Direct connection to the water supply (with pressure reducing valve - see Web shop/irrigation) or manually pouring - the user has the choice. We are also working on an integrated water tank solution but is currently. not top priority

When it is raining heavily - isn't the soil-bag running full of water?
-Such over water (also by pouring too much) comes out of the bag at the first bottom opening, accumulates in the base amount to approx. 2 cm and would then escape over the edge of the base on the ground. At the indoor-version is there a for the water level in the base"sight glass"and can also drain , so it does not come on a parquet or carpeted floor = comparable to a trivet.

Is there any help with the planting of the i3-garden system? -is in development - >
- Yes, after entering the appropriate plant types info i3-garden-APP , this shows an individualized planting plan.
– In addition, the i3-garden APP provides fertilizer recommendations in time, but also recommendations regarding post-planting after harvesting.

Are all possible plants already stored in the i3-garden-APP database? -is in development - >
- No, we will start with the usual garden crops, but the Database but will be extended during operation permanently on the entries of users and thus increases user-oriented as required.

Can I get by i3-garden seeds & plants? -is in development - >
- Not yet, this is part of our development plan, probably in two or three years.
– i3-garden will not operate its own nursery, but will cooperate intensively with selected quality nurseries and suppliers.

Is there snail protection for the i3-garden system? -is in development - >
– Yes, we are already working on a retrofittable electronic "snail-defense"