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The i3-garden system

For every space

With the i3-garden system we offer a mobile, vertical complete gardening system of modular construction for natural cultivation of vegetables, salads and ornamental plants for use on balconies, terraces, outdoors and indoors . The i3-Benjamin (Starter Kit) is also suitable for wall mounting . With max. 50 kg there is no structural (static) problem.

Benjamin"-our first baby is born, tested and ready for shipment.

From beginners to experts - the garden for everyone

Due to the innovative i3-Dock planting , our garden system requires minimal time and effort, as well as only the slightest horticultural knowledge and also operates without a green thump. The energy-free automatic basic irrigation sets you and your garden "free".
Experts | appreciate the individual possibilities, from plant-specific substrate composition in the i3-Dock to individual manual plant irrigation... Some of our i3-Benjamin testers have already experimented with substrate layers in the substrate bag (e.g., herbal substrate combined with universal potting soil separated by fleece) with excellent results.

There are almost no limits for experiments!


Efficiency and sustainability

i3-garden is a first class resource minimizer :
up to -70% water consumption, up to -80% space requirement (with a maximum of 0.25m² floor space), is thereby mobile with max. 50 kg weight.
We have placed great emphasis on the choice of materials used - max. durability in any weather for years without chemical varnish treatment, "food safe", BPA- and HBCD-free, for healthy plants, insulating as protection of the plants and roots for temperature peaks, transport-optimized by its light weight. It is fully designed for permanent reuse.
We say NO to "Nestle disposable plant cartridges" , we do not need "NASA imitation substrate for Mars" or "Nutrient solutions with electric pump operation ".
We want natural healthy grown plants which root in earth-substrate and mature with water, air and sunlight to the highest taste - just like nature!

Design / Function

The i3-garden - system works extremely simple- the plant roots grow just into the substrate-sack. Each plant - whether with short or long roots will find it's place in the substrate.

Plug-in system = 1) which tool-free design of the system is done in 15 minutes
2) Filling the bag with substrate soil
3) Installing the i3-Docks and watering - ready
3) attaching the i3-Docks, watering - done
Optional: attach the automatic base irrigation and/or solar lighting

Basically, all kinds of plants can be planted in the i3-garden system: salads, flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Many answers to questions and more info can be found in our FAQ’s.


Who we are

A few years ago, we have discovered the love for gardening and were not satisfied with the offer of efficient solutions in this sector. Searching for something new, we started to develop a gardening-system, that will revolutionize the garden sector. This pushes us now more than ever.

A compact solution that can comply with the request for the garden with limited space, time and resource supply arises from the love for the "Gartln", the quest for efficiency and the passion for nature since 2015. Together, we other would offer the opportunity to experience this love and passion:

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity
to harvest fresh vegetables and salads themselves!
Even if one does not have a "garden"-space.

We are a team of gardening enthusiasts, idealists, visionaries and inventors. Together with many volunteers, who helped with the development of our vertical garden system by offering their ideas and advice, we worked out a completely new, innovative gardening system, that can be adapted to every living situation and for every household.
Weeding and bending over are now a thing of the past.


What we think

We want to deal responsibly with resources and energy"- that's why we emphasize on the construction and material selection"food safe", durability and simplicity. All 100% materials are recyclable.

i3-Upcycling"- We want to produce here no such thing and sell, which can make anyone even with simple means! We provide guidance and offer appropriate small parts to make new uses of "Waste products". So you can build quite simply a "high-speed tank" for the irrigation system is from bottles, once cans or canisters. So, saves money and protects the environment!

"Where we want to sell, we must give back something" – the i3-Benjamin is with utmost care to 100% produced in the EU with the utmost care.


special offer:
free shipping in the EU
CODE: free04